Music for piano and violin by Friedrich Kuhlau


Available on beginning of 2015

The beginnings of piano in the first ‘800 hold pearls of rare beauty from composition and expressive point of view.

Time of Fortepiano was just finished and modern concept of piano were far away, the beginning of XIX century was a big sound experimentation factory where ancient instruments like the violin (throughout the century violin had strings and evolving bow) and “new” instruments like piano joined together producing an exciting challenge for the composer.

Kuhlau were successful in entirely combining romantic melody, innovated and redesigned compared with the past through new skills on the piano keyboard, with advanced violin writing.


Sonata for piano and violin op. 79 n. 1

Adagio e Rondo for four hands piano and violin op. 124

Sonata for piano and violin op. 79 n. 2

Allegro pathetique for four hands piano op. 123

Sonata for piano and violin op. 79 n. 3

Organic: Piano, violin, four hands piano

fortepiano Karl Stein (1830) and violin by Johanne Antonius Marchi (1785)