The orchestra is a flexible ensemble composed by various members according to performed repertory. The original team is composed by 4 people that are minimum ensemble to produce 1700s instrumental programs .

Anyway Zebo artistic director work at spread of original music for smaller ensemble for example for violin and piano duo.


Zebo Members

Zebo members are musicians coming from previous and strengthened experience in antique and baroque music from musical and professional point of view. Large numbers of musicians stand besides founding members; these musicians , in addition to be specifically experienced in the field, they fully agree to Zebo project and mission.


Artistic Partnership

Zebo cooperate with musicians and groups who want to share in Zebo project and philosophy ,in eco-sustainability and environmental care and that want to reach the same results of Zebo actions for realization of own productions, concerts and events set-up and musician travels according to Co2 minimal emission.


Project Partner

No profit Organization, Institution and Private Companies who, want to promote Zebo Project, in various ways and , in the meantime, want to improve own enterprise visibility or site/events visibility that will fully embrace Zebo project philosophy.