ZEBO cooperate with Institutions, No-profit organizations , Associations, Companies , Private , to create concerts and performances with the common purpose to work and make culture in the name of sustainability.

For No-profit institutions, Organizations and Associations

No-profit institutions, Organizations and Associations represent the ZEBO essential and perfect partners.
Even if ZEBO search for concert sponsoring, we too are interested in location availability or in organization and institutions sponsorship
Cooperation can evolve in various forms.

For Companies and Private

Companies who are working in the field of eco-sustainability, green building and environment can cooperate with Zebo to achieve performance where concert , launch of products and business mission will take place in the same site but in near in time, even if preferably would be separated and differed.
Companies/Private mission and spirit must coincide with Zebo. mission and spirit .
Orchestra made a living by works and performances , so professional matter must be bound and combined with environment culture. This is what ZEBO ask to their partners, for Ethical and Eco-friendly  work.
ZEBO are looking for Companies and Private who are deal with environment and Eco-sustainability, who could support Zebo project philosophy in various ways through sponsoring of Concerts or through events performing ( conferences , products launch etc. )

Advertisement: efficacious but ethically sustainable

Whoever accepts Zebo invite , will have a chance to perform a new, effective, high culture and ethically sustainable advertisement. Cooperation can be evolved on several levels, till fulfillment of detached but related events where subjects have possibility to support Zebo and in the meantime, to advertise their products and mission in a new, original and engaging style and , above all , it will be important from cultural and ethical point of view.
Every cooperation will be advertised on Zebo web site and on own portfolio.
Then Zebo have in mind to create a subjects/associations/Organizations network for development of a new eco-sustainable working procedure.

No-profit institutions, Organizations and Association:

Companies and private: