How to do reforestation

Equivalent reforestation occurs through saving of amount equivalent to CO2 produced by performance (concerts , show, cd etc. ). Then this money will be sent to no profit organization to be designed to those who will make reforestation upon determining of destination sites.

How to calculate equivalent in CO2

All Co2 emission produced by performance production will be turned into equal money that it is necessary to reforestation of areas equal to emitted quantity. Calculation will be carried out by qualified authority , and based on specific chart and data. For every performance or production ZEBO have a budget representing amount needed for equivalent reforestation. At the end of performance this amount will be managed by the same authority that proceeds with reforestation process.

As Reforestation report occur

For every performance ZEBO account for CO2 emitted and for amount designated to equivalent reforestation through web site and periodically through official documents .
All performances carried out with eco-friendly strategy or precaution will not involve into amounts stored for equivalent reforestation. For example use of public transport or car sharing produce zero impact . Also in this case ZEBO will give news and advertising of their strategies.
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Clime Network e Myclimate

ZEBO cooperate with Clime Network and Myclimate for equivalent reforestation fulfillment.
These agencies provide to foreseen amount to be designated to reforestation for every production and performance .For example amount set aside for every concert that take place within 200 to 800 km from Milan or for production of some cd.