Passacaglia della vita

infernoZEBO & Baschenis Ensemble

Stories, topoi , imagination of early 17th century told through four musical paths describing thoughts and climates of those days. 

Talk about 17th century through music means to guide spectator to literary and emotional path. Every "Story" will be presented by an actor who will recite the plot and , during performance, some pictures will be projected to drive spectator through narrative itinerary and to help him to identify and to understand all  music pieces.

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Albinoni, Trattenimenti Armonici, Op. 6

albinoniTomaso Giovanni Albinoni, Trattenimenti Armonici, Op. 6

Zero Emission Baroque Orchestra
Giorgio Tosi baroque violin
Marlise Goidanich baroque cello
Carlo Centemeri organ
Format 2 CD
Release April 2014

il CD su Brilliant Classic


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